New Porsche Taycan Turbo S

New Porsche Taycan Turbo S Reviews – Engine and Performance

A new Taycan turbo has arrived, with a fresh look and a more powerful engine. Powered by an all-new lithium-ion battery, it’s designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency – delivering the ultimate driving experience.

The Taycan combines Porsche’s renowned design and technology with a focus on sustainability. Its interior features Race-Tex leather-free material, keeping with the brand’s environmental policies.

1. Discover A New Era In Driving: Experience The Taycan Turbo S

Porsche is famous for its clean, futuristic designs; the new taycan turbo s is no exception. It’s an electric sports car that’s also a four-door, which means it has all the correct elements to look and feel like a Porsche.

New Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Taycan models come in sedan, Sport Turismo (think wagon), and Cross Turismo body styles. Sedans have a more sloping profile than Sport Turismo and look more like sports cars than wagons, while Cross Turismo has the same body as Sport Turismo but with some rugged touches.

The taycan turbo s comes with various options, including adaptive air suspension and Matrix LED headlights. In addition, the taycan turbo s gets an 18-way power-adjustable front seat system and an upgraded sat-nav system.

Those options come with plenty of other standard features new to this Porsche. You’ll find a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and a new digital instrument cluster.

A 10.9-inch central touchscreen and a 16.8-inch curved display in front of you handle most of your information, with the latter’s rounded edges delivering a modern look that’s reminiscent of Porsche’s other vehicles. The taycan turbo s also offers several customizable digital dials that can be displayed on the screen in front of you, allowing for more information to be visible immediately.

2. Enjoy Incredible Performance And Efficiency With The Taycan Turbo S

With a body style that owes much to the Mission E concept car, the new Porsche Taycan turbo s offers an electric sports car with cutting-edge interior design and sustainable materials. 

It features an incredibly sleek driver’s cab, also known as the greenhouse, that combines muscular fenders and a slim front passenger’s cab with horizontal lines, all of which combine to give the vehicle its distinctive Porsche character.

A pronounced crease at the center of the front doors creates an immediate visual link with the 911’s front end, and its four-point LED daytime running headlamps are another key design element. The roofline drops sharply to the rear, and a curvy bumper line continues around the car, giving it a sexy, athletic look.

New Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Inside, the cockpit has digital displays, including a configurable driver’s display and two infotainment screens to the right. There’s also a curved free-standing 430 mm (16.8 in) screen in front of the driver, and an even larger 16-inch one in the back, which doesn’t have analog dials but instead five completely customizable digital ones, each displayed on a beautifully curved screen.

The car also comes with an 81-liter front compartment that’s large enough for a small suitcase or shopping bag and a 366-liter boot. That’s bigger than you’ll find in most EVs. Porsche says its foot garages, recesses in the battery that allow sitting comfort in the rear seat, and the low vehicle height typical of sports cars help to make transporting items more comfortable.

3:Get Ready To Drive In Style

Porsche’s new multifunction sports steering wheel is a nod to motorsport, but it also provides drivers with multiple control options. A mode switch with a SPORT Response button and two gearshift paddles are included.

In addition, it features electric height, reaches adjustments, and can be adjusted to a specific driving position. It can be positioned for maximum driver comfort by using the Porsche Connect app. Click here to check best inventory of new porsche taycan

Its ergonomic design and high-quality materials are an excellent fit for various driving styles. It can be customized with a variety of materials and colors.

Besides providing a comfortable and intuitive driving experience, the new Porsche Taycan turbo s delivers performance that is unlike any other electric car on the market. Its 750-horsepower output, launch control, and Overboost Power are enough to whip you off the line and to 60 mph in just three seconds.

Its low weight, active anti-roll bars, and Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric three tires provide exceptional grip to keep the car in the right direction. Its 1389-pound curb weight, which is sat underneath the battery pack, also helps give the Taycan turbo s a low center of gravity and makes it feel very flat through corners.

4:Feel Confidence And Secure On The Road With Excellent Grip And Low Weight Design!

The new porsche taycan turbo s is the first sports car from Porsche made from sustainable materials. For instance, interiors are made of recycled materials, and the charging infrastructure uses green electricity.

The Taycan is a genuinely innovative sports car that makes a big statement about the future of electric cars. It’s also one of the most exciting Porsches to drive on the road – even more so than the traditional petrol models.

It’s also the most powerful of its kind in the sports car range from Porsche E-Performance, with a top speed of up to 200 km/h (124 mph). It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and do it ten times without losing power.

But it’s about more than just performance here, as the Taycan is also very comfortable at highway speeds. Thanks to a slinky, low-slung driving position and a 16.8-inch curved display.

It also has several functions that enhance driving pleasure: For example, Porsche Active Aerodynamics, which combines air curtains with air suspension to reduce drag, and Sport Plus, which stiffens the suspension and tightens up the steering wheel. For the 2021 model year, further FoD functions have been added to the package: Power Steering Plus and Active Lane Keep Assist.

5:Light Up Your Ride With Ambient Lighting!

If you’re in the market for a new car, Porsche’s all-electric Taycan could be just the thing for you. It’s the brand’s first electric vehicle based on the Mission E concept from 2015, but it also carries some very modern features.

For starters, the new Taycan turbo s can fly from zero to 60 in a mere 2.6 seconds with launch control and reach speeds of up to 222 miles on a single charge. It’s also got one of the largest braking systems in any production car Porsche.

In addition to the aforementioned 750-hp powertrain, it also boasts an extensive list of luxury tech and safety features. These include a surround-view parking camera system, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and a head-up display.

The interior design of the new Taycan is as stunning as its driving performance, with a range of unique carbon fiber elements integrated into the cockpit and other parts. The steering wheel is upholstered in green leather, and there are also scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logos that add next-level detail.

Ambient lighting is another excellent feature in the new Porsche Taycan turbo s, and it’s easy to adjust. You can turn the lights on and off or make them dim or brighter if you prefer. This will help create a calm, relaxing atmosphere on the open road.

6:Stay Cool And Comfortable With Advanced Climate Control

With advanced climate control, the new porsche taycan turbo s will ensure you and your passengers have the suitable climate for every journey. You can choose between dual- or four-zone air conditioning with slat-free precise vents controlled from the center console’s touch control panel.

The innovative dual-channel system has two automatic modes: Focused for direct, fast cooling or Diffused for draught-free ventilation. Integrated handwriting recognition on the touch panel with haptic feedback lets you change the settings quickly and intuitively.

Another advantage of this innovative ventilation technology is the clean, louver-less appearance of the air vents. This makes them easy to clean and ensures more comfortable passenger conditions.

New Porsche Taycan Turbo S Reviews

In addition to a wide range of exterior color options, the new Porsche Taycan also comes equipped with a suite of standard and available driver-assist technologies to help you stay safe and comfortable on the road. These include Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Lane Keep & Traffic Jam Assist, and Surround View.

The new Porsche Taycan is a true sports sedan with a striking appearance and plenty of power and efficiency. Its tech-laden interior and respectable passenger and cargo space will ensure you have the ultimate experience on your next journey.

7:Experience Unmatched Performance With Porsche Taycan’s Battery And Drive System

The battery is positioned as low as possible in the new porsche taycan turbo s, giving it an extremely low center of gravity and providing a superbly agile driving experience. It also enables the car to handle bends better than any other car on the market, making it a real thrill and one of the most thrilling cars for enthusiasts.

The Taycan can be charged at home via a 240-volt outlet or at a DC charging station, on-site or public. The quickest charge is achieved at a DC fast charger, with up to 80 percent of the battery’s capacity reaching the charger in 22.5 minutes.

New Porsche Taycan Turbo S Features

Porsche has updated the Taycan’s battery and powertrain efficiency management algorithm to bolster range and charging speed. It will now precondition the battery to a higher temperature before it’s reached its maximum 270 kilowatt-hours of capacity, allowing it to reach peak charging more often.

As a bonus, the new 2023 Taycan models and any models that have already been produced since 2020 will achieve this enhanced efficiency with a software update. This will allow them to reach a higher maximum charge and, in turn, increase the vehicle’s total range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does The New Porsche Taycan Turbo S Have Ambient Lighting?

A: Yes, the new Porsche Taycan Turbo S has ambient lighting that can be adjusted with the touch control panel in the center console. You can turn the lights on and off or dim them to create a calming atmosphere.

Q: What Type Of Climate Control Does The New Porsche Taycan Turbos Have?

A: The new Porsche Taycan Turbo S has advanced dual or four-zone climate control with slat-free precise vents. It also has integrated handwriting recognition and haptic feedback, allowing you to change settings quickly.

Q: How Fast Can I Charge My Porsche Taycan Turbo S?

A: The new Porsche Taycan Turbo S can be charged at home with a 240-volt outlet or a DC charging station. It takes 22.5 minutes to reach 80 percent of the battery’s capacity at a DC fast charger.


From its low center of gravity to its lightning-fast charging times, the new Porsche Taycan Turbo S is a driving experience unlike any other. With advanced climate control, driver-assist technologies, and more, you can enjoy an unparalleled performance on every journey. Get ready for an exhilarating ride with the Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

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